Everyone has its own definition for life. Whatever we acquire on the daily basis, is generally not enough for us. We starve for more, more money, more fame etc. I find fame as a substancial part of our life for which we all do whatever we can. I recently lost that fame and feeling miserable because whatever i earned in the last couple of months, seemingly all went in vain.But i keep questioning that shouldn’t hard work come before fame? People with approach gets a good package and people with the ability to do hard work just waits for the project to come and thinks about the great performance. They shows thier competence and deliever it to other person without even getting the credit. And this used to be a sad story of a middle class person who is not allowed to even whisper. I realise one thing that if one does not sell oneself personality well, have to feel miserable because the wants to see you. Not anyone else. World criticise you for being different but follow you when you succeed.


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