are they fair whys…

Usually women who cross the age 24, are ready for their marriages in India. So a new chapter of life opens for them, named as “How to be a good bahu?” ,an interesting chapter of grandmother’s life book. I am on this stage and going through the same. I immensely love a person and want to spend my life with him and vice-versa he is too. He is well established and I am doing good in my life. We both are happy with each other and dreaming for the upcoming life.

Everything seems sorted, right? I thought so too.

But then parents, families and societies involve, many unusual things come with them named as caste, religion, money, prosperity, wealth, luxury etc. Among all these terminologies, unfortunately, love and happiness don’t find their place to fit in although it all has been started from love. But never minds.

In Indian marriages, women need to be receptive for everything from their in-laws but this is not applicable for men. When two person marry, they take vows to take care of each other but are they really successful in doing so? is money the only thing, a women requires from her partner? Women is meant to leave her Mayka[woman house] and come to Susural[man house] after marriages. People in sasural say to their new bahu that your new relations are your only relations. But what about those relations she left behind? Suddenly all the decision rights has been taken from her and people started taking decisions for their new bahu, why? Being authoritative is that satisfied that you forget the fact their new bahu has been just left her closed one and her home behind. She will take some time to adjust so make her feel comfortable. Why a woman always should be understanding? Why she just has t take care of every relationship? When she creates a healthy environment, no comments are there but when something happen wrongly, the crown is hers. If women are that chit-chatty, why people want to sit with her? If women don’t have mind, why everyone wants from a women to run the houses? why why why….

People have their own mind state no matter what and how much a women prove, she will have to suffer with different questions. Not all women in the world get the chance to show their abilities on a larger platform. If everyone influence everyone, there will not be any audience.




Everyone has its own definition for life. Whatever we acquire on the daily basis, is generally not enough for us. We starve for more, more money, more fame etc. I find fame as a substancial part of our life for which we all do whatever we can. I recently lost that fame and feeling miserable because whatever i earned in the last couple of months, seemingly all went in vain.But i keep questioning that shouldn’t hard work come before fame? People with approach gets a good package and people with the ability to do hard work just waits for the project to come and thinks about the great performance. They shows thier competence and deliever it to other person without even getting the credit. And this used to be a sad story of a middle class person who is not allowed to even whisper. I realise one thing that if one does not sell oneself personality well, have to feel miserable because the wants to see you. Not anyone else. World criticise you for being different but follow you when you succeed.